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At 4 Stroke automotive solutions we can assist you, both in reducing your fleet costs, and increase profitability by finding the most optimum markets, either nationally, or internationally to dispose of your stock.

Our comprehensive international knowledge and connections allow us to facilitate the export and import of used cars , reducing finance and acquisition costs through securing the best product offers in the market.  In addition we undertake TCO strategies to reduce fleet operational costs.

Our consultancy service for both automotive brands and dealers guarantees an improvement in profitability through our effective techniques, which are simple to understand for all staff, and allow efficient implementation at all levels of the business.

Effective integrated communications strategies are critical and we can enhance your Marketing activities through transforming your digital presence, developing marketing events, conferences B2C or B2B, CRM actions, prospecting, customer loyalty and training of teams and other services.

All in all, we are guided by our character to always maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and trust with our clients, through long term relationships that allow us to gain a unique understanding of clients needs.

Our Services



As specialists in new and used vehicle acquisition and disposal, we help our clients in the bespoke export and import of vehicles identifying and developing the most appropriate international markets.

We offer an integrated service including logistical certification, customs, documentation and other processes required to complete successful sales operations.

Consultancy Service

Our consultancy service for dealers is focused on improving profitability in all areas of the business. Our approach in securing complete buy-in from all stakeholders, provides a clear strategic framework, achieving successful outcomes through coherent implementation.

We can help you transform your business applying the latest techniques and methods to engage with clients to enhance their experience and satisfaction. Our activities include designing and managing marketing events, B2C and B2B conferences, CRM actions, prospecting and customer loyalty programmes plus training.

Fleet Development


We can help improve profitabilty of your fleet through an integrated approach, which includes:

Assessing optimum mobility solutions for your company, based on your social responsibility objectives where we take into account latest technological advances and cultural changes. In particular we focus on realistic solutions that reduce the impact on the environment.

Vehicle aquisition through the best national and international offers.

Securing best finance conditions in the market for leasing or renting.

TCO assessment to reduce fleet costs.

Logistic solutions.

Cost reduction programmes.

IVTM campaigns where we can secure upto 75% reduction in tax liability.

Social responsibility programmes assessing best mix of vehicle types to complement your fleet policy; Electric, hybrid, GLP and/or GNC.

Develop and implement change management solutions to transform your fleet profile.

Mobility Solutions

Assess the best mobility options for your company and provide the most up to date information on automotive trends including electric vehicles, hybrid, GLP, GNC, autonomous and connected.

Develop strategies and implement transformation activities required to your vehicle fleet in order for your company to maximise financial benefits and operational efficiencies.

Undertake driver training modules to reduce traffic penalties and enhance driver competencies allowing greater security for your workforce and other stakeholders.

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